HR Dashboards and Analytics

MJN People Analytics is an end-to-end HR analytics and reporting solution to help organizations dramatically improve the way they identify, attract, develop, and retain talent. Our application, built in Microsoft Power BI, is a data-driven approach to managing people.

Talent is directly linked to driving business value, and our MJN People Analytics solution helps leaders and HR professionals ensure they have the right people in the right roles, to increase productivity, sustain performance, reduce bias, and solve organizational challenges.


1-Day Implementation

MJN People Analytics is a turnkey HR solution with prebuilt dashboards in Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence tool.

Your HR data from multiple sources (payroll system, recruitment application, time management, employee surveys, etc.) can be connected to our MJN People Analytics application to create the visualization, reporting, and analysis you need for your data-driven business and talent decisions.

You can customize who has access internally to what data and build hierarchies based on your business needs.

Get up to speed with an easy, simple implementation!

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

An important concern of most companies is how to identify, recruit, and reward the best personnel. Our sophisticated analysis of big data help you improve this process and in many cases, the results are counter-intuitive. For example, our proprietary analytics models can identify high potential employees at risk of leaving and criteria to use to convince them to stay. Using the analytics results, the company invests smartly in areas and tools with the most impact, improving performance and retention, and saving costs.


Sample HR Dashboards

Try our MJN People Analytics demo dashboards to get a glimpse into the automated HR analytics and reporting.