Launch powerful Productivity Apps in just 5 days

Empower your people to do much more with our pre-build Apps without going through complex, time-consuming IT projects. The MJN Power Platform will allow you to quickly deploy smart and affordable pre-built apps to help you automate your manual, routine business processes.

We also can develop custom application or automations that will reduce unnecessary manual work and streamline the business processes (such as: requests, approvals, remote work communication, payments, etc.)

S4 -2

Artificial intelligence at your fingertips

You do not need data scientists to be able to implement AI in your organization, the prebuild models available in AI builder can be easily trained and used within days. MJN has a vast experience in implementing machine learning models such as:  Text analysis, Computer vision, Video analytics, Speech recognition and generation. Natural language and emotions understanding.

Key Benefits:

  • Minimal development effort for state-of-the-art AI services.
  • Easy integration into apps via HTTP REST interfaces.
  • Apps and Web integration for consuming ML services.