Data Management

Our data quality management services help detect and remove data inconsistencies so that you always have clean, trustworthy data for analysis. Business entities such as customer and product can have different definitions across departments. Through our data management platform, we iron out these differences to create a single system of record that gives complete and standardized information about your business.

Data Warehouse Development We design and build enterprise data warehouses (DW) by integrating data from various Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems so that you have a consolidated view of your business data. Ad hoc queries and multidimensional analysis can be reliably executed on this data.

Data Migration We provide a host of data migration services, including migration of legacy systems, integration of new systems with data warehouses, upgradation and maintenance of data warehouse applications, and production support for existing enterprise data warehouses.


Data Visualization

What can you see and discover when you’re able to explore trends and make predictions with your organization’s data? You can discover new ways to make customers happy or you can predict where your resources are needed most. And if you’re a growing hospital, you can bring life-changing patient data directly to doctors and nurses.

Contact us to discuss how your organization can supersize results, discover trends, properly allocate resources, and communicate results with data visualization.

As Microsoft partner, MJN specializes in using Microsoft's business intelligence (BI) tools to build powerful analytical and reporting solutions tailored to your needs.