Create a data-driven culture by enabling everyone to turn data into insightful visualizations they can use to make business decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Data Quality Management
  • Bi Tools (Power BI and Tableau)
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate

Advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence are the latest pieces of the puzzle needed to stay ahead of the competitive curve. There are more available applications now than ever before, enabling you to integrate cutting edge technology into your business.

  • Intelligent forecasting—finance, supply chain/demand planning
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Real time analytics
  • Customer value and retention
  • Employee value and retention

Our People Analytics solution is designed to enable HR managers to easily monitor workforce metrics, promising higher productivity and retention for employees and significant reduction in cost of hiring.

  • Trends and analysis for over 200 KPIs
  • Connect all relevant data sources and creates an automated data platform
  • Machine learning module to determine how valuable each employee is for the company
  • AI module which creates a list of employees at risk of leaving (and the financial impact associated)

We use Microsoft Power Platform to create productivity apps based on your requirements. Because Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate are designed to work together, we will create fully integrated solutions that will dramatically increase efficiency and productivity of your employees. The ROI is extremely high as the app development is fast and it leverages the existing Microsoft environment.

  • Construct automated workflows
  • Build custom apps in hours—not months—that connect to your existing data
  • Create, use, and share automated approval workflows to quickly respond to and process requests


Fintech & Banking

From a Traditional Financial Institution to a Data-Driven Powerhouse.


Win in the market with Digital solutions that put your customer first.

Healthcare & Pharma

Provide clients with the treatment they need, faster, with next-gen solutions.

Public Good

From government services to private foundations, support each initiative with AI and Digital solutions.

Energy & Mining

Ensure growth and success with smart, optimized and value-adding solutions.


Digitize your auto and/or manufacturing company to optimize processes, cut waste and improve quality, all with the power of data.

Retail & CPG

Outpace competition with sophisticated Data, AI and Digital solutions that cater to the customer.

Telecom & Media

Stay ahead of your competitors with MJN's advanced Data and AI driven services, enhancing customer relationships and increasing ROI.

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