Predictive Analytics / Forecasting

Decisions made based on simple forecasts or intuition do not give you the level of confidence needed to make important business decisions. Predictive analytics removes the guesswork: it shows where you are currently and what the future is likely to look like. Predictive analytics allows you to better understand and predict your customers’ needs and behavior, determine who are the profitable customers, efficiently sell more products and services, retain your customers, and much more.

MJN Analytics uses advanced predictive analytics tools and innovative techniques to produce cutting-edge predictive analytics for its clients. The level of detail and meticulous care we take in building our predictive models is unparalleled.

S2 Predictive
S2 Prescriptive

Prescriptive Analytics / Optimization

You know what has happened. You have a good idea what is about to happen. However, do you confidently know the best course of action to take? MJN Prescriptive Analytics module is here to help.

Our module makes it simple to apply the latest optimization techniques, game out different outcomes given business constraints, and even simulate outcomes based on uncertain conditions. Take the best actions using prescriptive insight.

Financial Modeling

Models can provide numerous benefits, including deep insights into data, efficient automation of processes and dynamic analysis of options and opportunities. High quality, robust modeling reduces the potential of misapplying business logic or encountering data errors and decreases the risk that organisations will make poor decisions. MJN has a vas experience building financial models such us:

Valuations, Project Feasibility, Customer Segmentation, Impairment testing, IFRSs, 3 to 10 years financial projections and proforma financial statements, etc.

We have more than 200 templates that can be quickly adjusted for your specific needs.

S2 -Financial Modeling
S2 integration


Combine disparate sources, such as your CRM and marketing automation, ERP and operational systems.

Let's face it: Excel still reigns supreme in the reporting and analytical world that supplies the business leaders with meaningful information. It is the modern-day glue of even the largest, most advanced organisations.

MJN’s strength is that it embraces this ‘reality’ and it combines disparate sources of information, such as your CRM, GL, ERP, and marketing automation tools, along with a previously un-controlled spreadsheet universe and un-governed datasets.

Armed with this data to feed the financial models and analytical platform, the results are available practically in real time with no or minimal human intervention.